Gotta love Kaki King. Wonder what ever happened to her? I guess a quick perusing of YouTube would probably help me catch up, but I’m too busy right now writing this post and reflecting on good times, listening to her music so many years ago now. This video is by, which made a lot of videos around this time of artists, playing live. Some of my favorites included Beach House and The Tallest Man on Earth, which are shot live by these guys. You should follow their YouTube channel if you get the chance… Also, I wanted to mention I posted this to Facebook the other day, but part of my whole point of blogging is to “wean” myself off, if I can.

Last weekend I went to LA to go see Iron & Wine at the Hollywood Bowl. He was playing along with The Head and The Heart and Glen Hansard, and I had no idea what the lineup was or what to expect before I got there. It turns out Hollywood Bowl is a picnic-friendly venue, and everyone but me knew this. The entire swtichback-style walkway up the hill down into the venue was littered with baskets, bags, wine bottles and glass and the crowds sat along benches and sidewalls eating and chattering. I thought about snatching a California red while someone wasn’t looking and running off with it—wish I would have planned better. 

Anyways, Iron & Wine came on first, and told a few opening jokes, which put everyone in a good mood. Sam Beam has a great sense of humor and isn’t afraid to poke fun at all the California hipsters, who probably paid upwards of $300 to sit in the dining galley up front to enjoy an overpriced meal while he serenaded them. He definitely didn’t forget to give a shout out to all the OG’s and out-of-towners like me, sitting halfway back or further, with our $100+ scalped tickets and the lucky ones who are local and found a cheap seat because, honestly, we are all there to HEAR the music, right?

Enough of my social warfare, here’s the setlist:

1. Southern Anthem
2. Boy With a Coin
3. Biting Your Tail
4. Naked as We Came
5. Lovers’ Revolution
6. Tree by the River
7. Trapeze Swinger
8. Stranger Lay Beside Me
9. Flightless Bird, American Mouth

I’ve also made a YouTube playlist of all the tracks, if you feel like listening to live versions (similar to the way he played them this day) of these songs, and simulating my experience a little: